First Joint Meeting on

Soil and Plant System Sciences (SPSS 2019)

Natural and Human-induced Impacts on the Critical Zone and Food Production

Bari, Italy
23-26 September 2019


  • Monday, 23 September




    Light lunch


    Opening ceremony

    Session I: Natural and agricultural soil systems

    Chairs: Tommaso Chiti and Antonio Gelsomino


    Invited speaker
    Takashi Kosaki, President, International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)
    Harmonization of natural and agricultural soil systems for sustaining society


    Antonello Bonfante, A. Basile, J. Bouma
    Exploring the effect of varying soil organic matter contents on current and future moisture supply capacities of six Italian soils


    Ronen C.A. Francis, M.N. Wuddivira, G.A. Gouveia, D. Bramble
    Structural and hydraulic feedbacks in humid tropical soils amended with aglime and organic residues


    G. Brunetti, Francesco De Mastro, A. Traversa, F. Nigro, C. Cocozza
    Impact of different soil management on soil microbial community


    Coffee break


    Andrea Ciurli, D. Sega, G. Renella, L. Giagnoni, R. Pastorelli, A. Zamboni, Z. Varanini
    FePO4 nanoparticles as a source of nutrients: effects on plant transcriptome and on soil microbial communities and functions


    Eleonora Grilli, M. Bastidas, M. Bijl, S. Carvalho, E. Coppola, T. La Mantia, C.A.R. Machado, M. Mastrocicco, M. Rossana, F. Pulido, M.J. Roxo, F.A. Rutigliano, P. Quatrini, A. Sarmento, S. Castaldi
    Drivers of soil quality in agro-ecosystems and managed forested lands of Mediterranean areas under increasing climatic risk


    Simone Priori, R. Barbetti, L. Meini, A. Morelli, A. Zampolli, L. D’Avino
    Field scale economic land evaluation based on spatial variability of soil functions


    Poster presentations (Session I)


    General Assembly (SISS)

  • Tuesday, 24 September


    Pedological and cultural excursion


    General Assembly (SIPe)

  • Wednesday, 25 September

    Session II: Soil pollution and food safety

    Chairs: Valeria Ancona and Paola Castaldi


    Invited speaker
    Fabio Terribile University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
    An operational tool to challenge land take at the European scale


    Antonio G. Caporale, P. Adamo
    In vitro bioaccessibility of potentially toxic elements in particle-size fractions from an industrial soil of south Italy


    Erika Di Iorio, L. Circelli, C. Colombo, A. Paltseva, M. Deeb, Z. Cheng
    Use of Vis-NIR Spectroscopy to predict the impact of different amendments on Pb and As bioaccessibility in urban soils


    Albert Kobina Mensah, B. Marschner, S.M. Shaheen, J. Rinklebe
    Arsenic in an abandoned gold mine spoil in Ghana: effects of pH, geochemical fractionation and potential mobilisation


    Coffee break


    Elio Padoan, A.H. Couto, F. Ajmone Marsan
    Potential release of zinc and cadmium in soils contaminated by heavy metals under flooding


    Giovanni Garau, A. Porceddu, B. Manunza, P. Castaldi
    Municipal solid wastes as gentle remediation options for the (bio)chemical recovery of As and trace metal-polluted soils


    Tommy Pepè Sciarria, S. Zangarini, L. Trombino, F. Adani, F. Tambone
    Phosphorus recovery from liquid fraction of digestates by struvite crystallization


    Poster presentations (Sessions II and III)



    Session III: Organic amendments and soil quality

    Chairs: Paloma Campos and Claudio Cocozza


    Invited speaker
    José María García-Mina Freire Vice President, International Humic Substances Society (IHSS)
    Discriminating the action of root applied-and foliar applied-humic acid on plant growth


    María Teresa Cieschi, M. Caballero-Molada, I.V. Perminova, J.J. Lucena
    Are iron humates slow iron release fertilizers?


    Massimo Zilio, F. Tambone, F. Bedussi, F. Adani
    Environmental impact of the use of digestates in agriculture: an open field approach


    Daniela Pezzolla, L. Regni, P. Proietti, E. Albertini, S. Ciancaleoni, G. Marozzi, G. Gigliotti
    Agronomic reuse of olive wastewater and changes on soil chemical properties and microbial community


    Coffee break


    A. Ioppolo, Armando V. Laudicina, L. Badalucco, A. Micalizzi, F. Saiano, E. Palazzolo
    Citrus hydrolates as natural biostimulants of soil microorganisms


    Beatrice Giannetta, R. Balint, D. Said-Pullicino, C. Plaza, M. Martin, C. Zaccone
    Redox-driven mineralogical changes in Fe (hydr)oxides across particle-size SOM fractions


    Mariia Pukalchik, O. Yakimenko, K. Kydralieva, V. Terekhova
    Artificial intelligence approach to predict changes in biological properties of the heavy metal polluted soils after organic-based amendments addition


    General Assembly (SICA)


    Transfer to the social dinner venue


    Social dinner

  • Thursday, 26 September

    Session IV: Plant responses to natural and human-induced drivers

    Chairs: Ivana Cavoski and Andrea Ertani


    Invited speaker
    Philip J. White, Programme Leader, The James Hutton Institute
    Improving nutrient acquisition by plants from the soil


    Fabrizio Araniti, M.R. Abenavoli
    Metabolic changes induced by Cuscuta campestris Yunck. on the host species Artemisia campestris subsp. variabilis (ten.) Greuter as a strategy to increase the parasitization success


    A. Mannucci, L. Mariotti, Antonella Castagna, M.F. Quartacci, A. Trivellini, A. Mensuali-Sodi, A. Ranieri
    Hormone responses to UV-B irradiation: what happens in leaves and roots of tomato plants?


    Emilia Dell’Aversana, M. van Oosten, A. Maggio, P. Woodrow, P. Carillo, G.M. Fusco
    Omeprazole enhances NUE through increased nitrogen uptake and assimilation in corn


    Coffee break


    Begoña Miras-Moreno, G. Colla, Y. Rouphael, M. Cardarelli, M. Trevisan, L. Lucini
    Defining the active biostimulant fractions of a plant-derived protein hydrolysate using an integrated molecular fractionation and metabolomics approach


    Bhakti Prinsi, L. Brancadoro, O. Failla, L. Espen
    Proteomic changes in the roots of three grapevine rootstocks in response to nitrate availability


    L. Zanin, S. Gottardi, W. Biała, R. de Brito Francisco, S. Venuti, F. Valentinuzzi, T. Mimmo, S. Cesco, B. Bassin, M. Jasiński, E. Martinoia, R. Pinton, Nicola Tomasi
    Identification of an isoflavonoid transporter required for the nodule establishment of the Rhizobium-Fabaceae symbiotic interaction


    Poster presentations (Sessions IV and V)



    Session V: Frontiers in plant and soil sciences

    Chairs: Silvia Celletti and Daniel Said Pullicino


    Invited speaker
    Yiannis Deligiannakis, President, International Humic Substances Society (IHSS)
    Humic-nanomaterials hybrids as fertiliser-delivery technology and antioxidants


    Pellegrino Conte
    Applications of fast field cycling NMR relaxometry in soil science


    Leonard Barnabas Ebinezer, G. Arrigoni, S. Trevisan, A. Manoli, P. Carletti, C. Francheschi, S. Quaggiotti, A. Masi
    Unravelling the stimulatory mechanism of APR - a novel Biostimulant: Leveraging transcriptomics and proteomics


    Ignazio Allegretta, S. Legrand, M. Alfeld, C.E. Gattullo, M. Spagnuolo, K. Janssens, R. Terzano
    Classification of soil aggregates using SEM-EDX hyperspectral data analysis


    Coffee break


    L. Beneduce, C. Plaza, Claudio Zaccone
    Does physical fractionation of SOM pools preserve information about microbial taxa distribution and ecological functions?


    Maria Chiara Guerrieri, M. Trevisan, E. Puglisi
    Isolation and phenotypic characterization of extracellular PGPR from tomato plant rhizosphere samples


    Simona Vingiani, P. Adamo, A.G. Caporale, S. De Pascale, L.G. Duri, M. Palladino, A. Pannico, Y. Rouphael
    Sustainable space agriculture using MMS1 Martian soil simulant and compost


    Closing ceremony


    Session I: Natural and agricultural soil systems

    PI.1 Filiberto Altobelli (Rome)
    Increasing knowledge and awareness of farmers on the role of agriculture in soil protection: LIFE4Soil

    PI.2 Anna Benedetti (Rome)
    An Italian HUB to support the Global Soil Partnership and European Research Network Excellences on soil research: HUB SOIL

    PI.3 De Shorn Bramble (Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)
    The impact of aglime on soil CO2 emissions is mediated by organic residue addition

    PI.4 Fatima Ezzahra Chouyia (Portici (Naples))
    Isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from different origins for potential use  in a lake  phosphate soils

    PI.5 Claudio Cocozza (Bari)
    Effects of Robinia pseudoacacia L. on two apulian soils

    PI.6 Lorenzo D'Avino (Florence)
    Assessing soil carbon trends in Italy through land use and management changes

    PI.7 Francesco De Mastro (Bari)
    Soil biochemical activities as affected by different tillage, fertilization and depth in a semiarid mediterranean agro-ecosystem

    PI.8 Daniele Del Buono (Perugia)
    Extraction of nanostructured starch from purified granules of waxy and nonwaxy barley cultivars

    PI.9 Erika Di Iorio (Campobasso)
    Soil organic carbon variation in organic farming in Molise (South-Central Italy) as evaluated by Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

    PI.10 Sire Diedhiou (Ziguinchor, Senegal)
    Do arid agroecosystem shrubs enhance soil enzyme activities during the dry season?

    PI.11 Chiara Ferré (Milan)
    Land use change from vineyard to tree plantation in Piedmont hills: effects on soil organic carbon stock and other soil properties

    PI.12 Shadananan Nair Krishnapillai (Kochi, India)
    Climate change and degradation of land and water resources: impact on agriculture production in the dry zones of India

    PI.13 Edoardo Puglisi (Piacenza)
    Assessing the effects of African Neglected and Underutilized Species and soil tillage on belowground microbial diversity and activity

    PI.14 Edoardo Puglisi (Piacenza)
    Microbial insights to sustainability of family farmers of Mt. Meru Zone in Arusha, Tanzania; Neglected and Underutilized Species vs Maize / Food vs Cash

    PI.15 Pere Rovira (Solsona, Spain)
    Soil carbon sequestration upon shifting from conventional to ecological agriculture: do we miss something?

    PI.16 Andreina Traversa (Bari)
    Use of diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform (Drift) to study the composition of four size fractions of soils subjected to different management

    PI.17 Mohammad Yaghoubi Khanghahi (Bari)
    Influence of long-term tillage management on soil fertility level in a Mediterranean agro-ecosystem

    Session II: Soil pollution and food safety

    PII.1 Valeria Ancona (Bari)
    Application of a nature-based solution for recovering a multi-contaminated area in Southern Italy

    PII.2 Paloma Campos (Seville, Spain)
    Application of biochar from crop residues as ameliorant of trace element polluted soils

    PII.3 Arianna De Bernardi (Ancona)
    Phytoextraction ability of four plant species against nickel in carbonation lime coming from sugar industry

    PII.4 Stefania Diquattro (Sassari)
    Influence of biochar on trace metals mobility and leaching in contaminated mining soils

    PII.5 Ciro Galeone (Bari)
    Potential of vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy for the prediction of soil PCBs content in a historically contaminated site of the SIN of Taranto (Southern Italy)

    PII.6 Concetta Eliana Gattullo (Bari)
     Testing synthetic zeolites obtained from recycled waste materials for oenological applications

    PII.7 Elisabetta Loffredo (Bari)
    Ochratoxin A removal from aqueous and aqueous ethanol solutions using low cost plant-derived adsorbents

    PII.8 Maria Martin (Grugliasco, TO)
    Decreasing arsenic content in Italian rice. Progresses and constraints

    PII.9 Giuseppe Picca (Bari)
    Potential of hemp to remove the emerging contaminants bisphenol A and metalaxyl-M from aqueous media

    PII.10 Edoardo Puglisi (Piacenza)
    Bioaugmentation and phytoremediation: an integrated approach for the remediation of soils with low pollution levels

    PII.11 Ida Rascio (Bari)
    Assessing the distribution and availability of potentially toxic metals (PTMs) in an agricultural soil after simulated fire events

    PII.12 Polina Tregubova (Moscow, Russian Federation)
    Potential for organic amendments to stabilise heavy metals in contaminated soils of technogenic barrens in Kola Peninsula

    PII.13 Hana Voca (Bari)
    Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) and canola (Brassica napus) plants development on Kosovo contaminated soils

    Session III: Organic amendments and soil quality

    PIII.1 Cristina Abbate (Catania)
    Trifolium subterraneum L.cover cropping as a sustainable management for mediterranean agro-ecosystem

    PIII.2 Enrica Allevato (Viterbo)
    Land use change in Fiuggi Basin affects soil humification process leading to different fulvic acids features: implications on ground/spring water quality

    PIII.3 Floriana Bedussi (Milan)
    LIFE DOP: an effective example of  nutrient recovery and use in the dairy sector

    PIII.4 Angelica Bruno (Bari)
    Evaluation of the biostimulant capacity of biomolecules isolated from vegetable biomasses of different origin

    PIII.5 Silvia Celletti (Bolzano)
    Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of digestate and the potential of its by-products to be used in soilless culture systems

    PIII.6 Gretha Di Donato (Milan)
    Biostimulant activity from Chlorella sp culture

    PIII.7 Gretha Di Donato (Milan)
    Cultivation of microalgae on pig manure: nutrient recovery and biomass production in Chlorella and Scenedesmus

    PIII.8 Giuseppe Di Rauso Simeone (Portici, NA)
    Response of chemical and biochemical indicator of soil quality to OMW digestate disposal

    PIII.9 Giovanna Marta Fusco (Caserta)
    A tropical plant extract biostimulant favours growth and resource use efficiency in jute under sub-optimal nutrient regimens

    PIII.10 Antonio Ganga (Bari)
    Composted sewage with bagasse as commercial substrate for Eucalyptus urophylla x E grandis seedling production

    PIII.11 Antonio Gelsomino (Reggio Calabria)
    A green method to treat exhausted fire-extinguishing powders for reuse as agricultural fertilizer

    PIII.12 Amira Jouini (Palermo)
    Metabolic responses of microbial community in soil amended with fresh leaves and leaf extracts from eucalyptus spp

    PIII.13 Vito Armando Laudicina (Palermo)
    Chemical and biochemical characteristics of compost obtained from dairy and wine by-products

    PIII.14 Elisabetta Loffredo (Bari)
    Benefits of compost-based media for ornamental plants: growth enhancement and suppressive activity towards the phytopathogen Fusarium oxysporum

    PIII.15 Maria Martin (Grugliasco, TO)
    Acid-treatment of the solid separate of pig slurries for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving nutrient balance

    PIII.16 Martina Mazzon (Bologna)
    Management and tillage effects on soil enzyme activities in a long-term agricultural experiment

    PIII.17 Martina Mazzon (Bologna)
    QUABIO project: the agro-ecology strategy to maintain soil quality

    PIII.18 Donato Mondelli (Bari)
    Short-term effects of different organic amendments on soil chemical, biochemical and biological indicators

    PIII.19 Paolo Mulè (Sassari)
    Crop sustainable management in Mediterranean conditions focused on changes in the soil component. A preliminary study in Southern Sardinia

    PIII.20 Adele Muscolo (Reggio Calabria)
    Olive from a waste to a resource: benefits of the end products for agricultural purpose

    PIII.21 Pasquale Napoletano (Naples)
    Short- and long-term effects of a single compost addition on Technosols quality

    PIII.22 Chinyere Blessing Obika (Nsukka, Nigeria)
    Soil fertility and aggregate associated carbon and nitrogen with biochar amendment in relation to localized soil fertilization practice after a four-year intensive vegetable production in Burkina Faso

    PIII.23 Elio Padoan (Grugliasco, TO)
    Ozonization of fermented municipal biowaste to produce value added products

    PIII.24 Marco Parlavecchia (Bari)
    Sorption-desorption of the fungicide metalaxyl-M onto a silty soil not amended and amended with biochar and vermicompost

    PIII.25 Maria Vittoria Pinna (Sassari)
    Which is the biochar most effective in mitigating pollution due to Lumax®?

    PIII.26 Salvatore Rapisarda (Bologna)
    Effects of biodegradable plastic on soil functionality

    PIII.27 Pere Rovira (Solsona, Spain)
    Commercial humic products: do they act as activators of soil microbial activity?

    Session IV: Plant responses to natural and human-induced drivers

    PIV.1 Francesco Bigaran (Rome)
    Characterization of heavy metal pollution in Rome, Italy

    PIV.2 Andrea Ertani (Legnaro, PD)
    Variation in metabolite production and physiological responses of Zea maysL. plants in response to application of commercial lignohumates

    PIV.3 Maria Martin (Grugliasco, TO)
    Effects of inorganic and organic P availability on N fixing capacity of Vicia villosa

    PIV.4 Mauro Maver (Bolzano)
    Characterization of the alkaloid hordenine and its precursors in roots of a modern barley cultivar

    PIV.5 Giuseppe Mezzapesa (Valenzano, BA)
    Ecological variability in 4 wild species of Lamiaceae in the Apulia Region: effects on chemical composition and biological activities of the essential oils

    PIV.6 Begoña Miras-Moreno (Piacenza)
    The impact of selective and non-selective herbicides on the metabolism of tomato plants

    PIV.7 Fabio Nocito (Milan)
    Sulfur isotope mass balance reveals 32S/34S fractionation during sulfate uptake and translocation in rice.

    PIV.8 Bhakti Prinsi (Milan)
    Variation in phenolic composition and antioxidant properties in leaves and flowers of green and red basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

    PIV.9 Ivana Puglisi (Catania)
    Effect of microalgal extracts from Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus quadricauda on germination of Beta vulgaris seeds

    PIV.10 Annamaria Ranieri (Pisa)
    Let the sunshine in! Post-harvest UV-B radiation is able to affect the secondary metabolism in flesh of peach fruit

    PIV.11 Gian Attilio Sacchi (Milan)
    The Trehalose-6-phosphate/SnRK1 system in the response to saline conditions during germination of two rice (O. sativa L., ssp. japonica) cultivars with different salt sensitivity

    PIV.12 Gian Attilio Sacchi (Milan)
    Transmembrane transporters and salt tolerance in temperate japonica rice

    PIV.13 Veronica Santoro (Grugliasco (Torino))
    Root exudates involvement in tomato plants response to low P levels

    PIV.14 Adriano Sofo (Matera)
    Soil quality and fertility in an olive orchard managed for 20 years with differential agronomic systems

    PIV.15 Nicola Tomasi (Udine)
    White lupin response to nitrogen and phosphorous deficiencies

    PIV.16 Maria Alessandra Zicari (Bari)
    Cerium a potential pollutant: effects on growth and metabolism in Lemna minor L.

    Session V: Frontiers in plant and soil sciences

    PV.1 Costanza Ceccanti (Pisa)
    Hydroponically-grown Rumex acetosa L. and Sanguisorba minor Scop. respond differently to mowing and the storage as fresh-cut produce

    PV.2 Patrizia De Nisi (Milan)
    Use of pigmented corn cob waste as a natural dye in environmental friendly textile processing (PASTEL)

    PV.3 Maria Luce Bartucca (Perugia)
    The treatment of duckweed with a plant biostimulant or a safener improves the plant capacity to clean water polluted by terbuthylazine

    PV.4 Maria Luce Bartucca (Perugia)
    Effect of light quality on gas exchange and leaf characteristics of Einkorn seedlings

    PV.5 Antonino Ioppolo (Palermo)
    Analysis of geochemical tracers in different systems soil-Citrus limon (L.) Osbeck

    PV.6 Antonino Ioppolo (Palermo)
    New chemiometric technique applied to traceability of Sicilian honey of Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.)

    PV.7 Yahya Kooch (Noor, Iran)
    The effect of land covers on soil microbial and enzyme activities

    PV.8 Antonio Masi (Legnaro, PD)
    Comprehensive multiphase NMR: a powerful technology to study the effects of PFASs on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana

    PV.9 Antonio Masi (Legnaro, PD)
    THIOLOMICS: systematic identification of low-molecular-weight thiols by HPLC-MS/MS

    PV.10 Pasqua Murgese (Bari)
    Use of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria in agriculture

    PV.11 Carlo Porfido (Bari)
    Treatment by atmospheric-pressure plasma improves seed germination and plant development

    PV.12 Luigi Ruggiero (Portici, NA)
    Traceability of Sorrento lemon PGI by chemometric analysis of juice mineral composition: a mono- and multi-cultivar approach

    PV.13 Michela Schiavon (Legnaro, PD)
    Investigation of Se and Cr interactions in Se-hyperaccumulator Stanleya pinnata and non hyperaccumulator Brassica juncea for combining biofortification and phytoremediation technologies

    PV.14 Claudio Zaccone (Foggia)
    Testing natural Mn-todorikite as an efficient, low-cost and environmental-friendly catalyst


Keywords/Topics: soil genesis, soil mapping, soil mineralogy, soil organic matter, climate changes, land degradation, primary production, soil use and management, C sequestration, soil ecology, etc.

Keywords/Topics: source and fate of organic and inorganic pollutants, pollutant translocation and accumulation in plants, management of polluted soils, soil reclamation, pollutant in the food chain, risk assessment, etc.

Keywords/Topics: soil organic matter, humic substances, fractionation procedures, soil amendments, fertilizers, biostimulants, chemical/biochemical/biological indicators, etc.

Keywords/Topics: plant physiology, plant phenology, phenotypic plasticity, mineral nutrition, biotic/abiotic stresses (including climate change), crop yield, plant-pathogen interactions, sustainability, etc.

Keywords/Topics: new challenges and opportunities in soil and plant sciences, nanomaterials, modelling, satellite remote sensing, smart farming, state-of-the-art analytical approaches, "omic" sciences, etc.

Field trip with morphological description of soil profiles; visit to Matera, European Capital of Culture for 2019 and UNESCO World Heritage site.